Making a comment on a planning application

Design Weybridge CoverMost people seem to think of planning in earnest when an application for development occurs near them.  This is very understandable.  Most applications for planning consent do not raise concerns but if they do the plans are easily adjusted to meet them.

Occasionally, people want to object and give their comments to the borough by email, letter or directly on the borough’s website; however, judging from the content of many of the objection letters, people do not understand what may be considered under planning law.  Planning has developed its own words, phrases, rules and policies in a way similar to criminal law.  For example, we might be aware of the difference between burglary, theft and robbery but be totally unaware of planning terms.

It is always good to get a context and what the core strategy says about Weybridge is a good place to begin – CS4.  Thereafter general themes might be important such as CS17 on local character and design.  More specifically policies in the development management plan could be considered – see page 12.  If there is concern regarding parking then DM7 could be of interest.

If the planning application that concerns you invloce traffic consideration then it is worth looking at Surrey’s involvement.

It is worthwhile reading the state policy because local policies must not conflict with it. This known as the national planning policy framework (NPPF).

If you wish to have assistance then do contact or email me.