Beales Lane

23 February 2014. Surrey has received requests for the proposed “at any time” restrictions to be reduced in length in Beales Lane – back to where the white lines were originally.

20 December. Surrey decides to implement its parking restrictions as advertised – see  below.

27 September.  Weybridge North councillors and the Surrey parking officer met to discuss the results of the latest parking proposals in the ward.  Ramon Gray and I agreed that the advertised proposals for corner “at any time” restrictions be imposed.





Apart from Thames Street itself we did not think any more chages need to be proposed for 2013.

One thought on “Beales Lane

  1. The proposed yellow lines at the top of Beales Lane will make exiting onto Thames Street safer.
    However I suggest that the lines on the St Catharine’s side extend down as far as St Catharine’s parking area.
    Beales Lane is very narrow and with cars parked along one side ‘one way traffic’ is possible; (residents park on the left beyond St Catharine’s and on the right above St Catharine’s towards Thames Street).
    When cars park on the left at the top of Beales Lane between Thames Street and St Catharine’s it is not possible for cars to enter or exit Beales Lane.
    St George’s Junior School put cones along this stretch each day in an attempt to control parking and prevent a problem arising. The yellow lines need to extend down to the St Catharine’s parking area on the left.
    This may seem a small point however it is essential and would benefit all the residential car owners.

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