Brooklands Road

1 November 2014.  At the request of residents of the Fairway there is a parking proposal in Brooklands Road.  Subject to consultation, Surrey intends to install “at any time” parking restrictions in the spring.  The consultation ends on Friday 28 November 2014.  Give your comments here.  For further information click here.


13 December 2012.  At the quarterly police meeting concerns were raised about the dangers of vans and lorries parked up waiting to enter St Georges Hill Estate.  There is a large amount of construction going on in the estate at the moment and coupled with the estates curfew on commercial vehicles entering the estate many are parked up on neighbouring streets.  As quickly as the police move them on they park in another street.  A wide areas is affected – not just Old Avenue and Brooklands Road.

Vans parked smallParked up vans cause traffic chaos and road danger.

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