Church Walk

Slowly but surely the gardens of Radnor Road appear to get longer!

At this rate some say the green will disappear in a few years.

6 November.  There has been a problem of bins being left on Church Walk Green for some time and there has been a concern about the possible encroachment onto the green by neighbours living in Radnor Road.   The borough wishes to resolve the matter by consent.

The land was gifted to Weybridge on 28 November 1917, to be held in trust for public exercise and recreation pursuant to the Open Spaces Act 1877 to 1890. It was not placed in trust for the children of Radnor Road specifically.

The land is public open amenity space for the enjoyment of all but there is clearly encroachment and trespass from neighbouring Radnor Road dwellings. The various borough departments are working together closely to try and conciliate the matter as reasonably as possible for everyone involved. Accordingly, the borough will be writing to the owners of the neighbouring properties to propose the following:

1. The appointment of an independent RICS surveyor, the cost of which is to be shared equally. The borough will ask the owners agree to accept the decision of the independent expert as final and carry out any resultant remedial work, if necessary.

2. Alternatively, the offer of a personal licence to regularise their occupation. This will permit them to use the land but only strictly subject to the borough’s terms and conditions, which will ensure the public open space and the borough are properly protected.

Let us trust that an amicable arrangement can be found.  Church Walk Green Map


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