Gascoigne Road

23 February 2014. Surrey has received requests for Gascoigne Road to become a residents’ parking only street.

2 thoughts on “Gascoigne Road

  1. Absolutely against making Gascoigne Rd residents’ parking only. We live in Dorchester Rd, which would mean even more visitors to Weybridge will have to use our road for parking. If you enjoy living in a village with shops, cafe’s, small business etc. then the consequence is that people will come and visit, bringing in revenue for Weybridge and keeping it a lively village. If you want parking in front of your house at all times move to the countryside in Wales! You’ll have lots of space (but no shops etc at walking distance).

    • If other roads have residents parking then you have to make them all the same. We live in Gascoigne Road and I would like to see residents parking because of the overflow of vehicles parking on the street.

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