High Street

20 December. Surrey has decided to include flats 4A, 6A, 10 and 14a High Street onto the list of addresses eligible for permits in Holstein Avenue “F zone”.

16 November 2012.  A planning application for seating outside 14 High Street.  What do you think?  Giving Weybridge a more cafe style atmosphere or clogging up our pavements? You have until 5 December to comment.

27 October 2012 – High Street Lampposts.  The chosen design for the new Weybridge High Street – Gladstone lantern design. The project will comprise 24 new black 10 metre tall columns, conversion of existing SDA equipment, new lighting sockets and strengthening of columns as required and re-instatement of the in-ground lighting at Monument Hill.

The contract was signed on 24 September and Surrey has its contractor Skanska to order and install the new lights. The works are scheduled to begin from January 2013 which will avoid the Christmas period.

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