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3 October 2013 – proposed parking restriction changes.  Surrey proposes the following change: introduce double yellow lines from Church Walk to the bridge across the Wey both sides to maintain access to the bridge.  Red line means “no parking at any time” and brown lines are current restrictions.

Jessamy 2013

20 December 2012.  Surrey decides to implement its parking restrictions as advertised – see  below.

27 September.  Weybridge North councillors and the Surrey parking officer met to discuss the results of the latest parking proposals in the ward.  Ramon Gray and I agreed that the advertised proposals for the corner “at any time” restrictions be imposed.

For 2013 it was suggested that parking problems around the bridge approach and opposite side of Jessamy Road in Thames Street be considered.



The refuse collection service has difficulty accessing the street because of parked vehicles around the entrance to the road.  So many vehicles arrive delivering children to St Georges School.  Many reports of inconsiderate parking by parents.

3 thoughts on “Jessamy Road

  1. Thank you for your newsletters, they are extremely informative

    Parking restrictions – as a resident of jessamy road I tried to look at the suggested parking restrictions numerous times and could not find the page on the council website. I am appalled at the fact Surrey is going to take away yet another parking space from our road. The double yellow lines only need to extend to cross the driveways not right up to church walk – there are two parking spaces which do not impede access to whittets ait used regularly by residents that this will take out of action

    Combined with the double yellow lines at the top of the road I am totally incensed. These have just provided open space for st George’s parents to park illegally on the double yellow lines every day and taken away desperately needed parking spaces for us residents who parked considerately. Surrey put the yellow lines there and don’t provide parking wardens to enforce them.

    How can I complain further? Or get the lines reduced – by a metre or so would fix this problem???

  2. If,as you say,you agreed to this,do not count on my vote next time round.

    The situation with the dust collection and the clash of school parents was resolved with both dust and recycling collections arriving before school at 07.30.
    If the reason for the restriction was this alone then why is it required during weekends and school holidays or indeed any day other than Thursday morning!.
    As I said when this was first proposed you are penalising residents who have no off street parking and in the main are not the cause of the problem.
    Next you will introduce parking permits as another way to generate income.

    • I think the important point here is that on-street parking is run by Surrey County Council, as the highway authority, not Elmbridge Borough Council. I am an Elmbridge Borough Councillor not a Surrey Councillor. Nevertheless, I have consulted widely in the streets affected by the proposals from Surrey. I have met with many local residents and listened to your views. I am aware that some people – even next door neighbours – have directly opposing views on parking in their locality. With this information gleaned, I proposed many options to Surrey County Council – they were ignored. Surrey’s proposals lack subtlety. In the case of Jessamy Road, I suggested shortening the lines, having them for morning school hours only. Surrey’s position was that it was those extended “at any time” lines or nothing.

      The refuse collection is run under the auspices of Elmbridge Borough Council and, as an Elmbridge Councillor, I got that problem sorted for you. Sadly I am not in a position to control what Surrey does in terms of parking. I am sure that you would be much happier if I were.

      I will press on to see whether Surrey will thin again. Do ask your neighbours to send me their support to your suggestion.

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