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1 November 2014.  At the request of some residents in Oakdale Road and subject to consultation, Surrey intends to install parking restrictions in the spring.  The consultation ends on Friday, 28 November 2014.  Give your comments here.  For further information click here.

A continuous red line means no waiting at any time, blue dashed line means residents’ only parking Mon-Sat, 9:00 to 18:00.  Green means disabled person’s parking bay at all times. Brown means as existing.


23 February 2014. Surrey has received requests for Oakdale Road to become a residents’ parking only street.

9 thoughts on “Oakdale Road

  1. I absolutely support the introduction of residents parking in Oakdale Road. Our daughter is in nursery and we often have to park as far away as Mount Pleasant when we bring her home at lunchtime. The road is excessively busy (for such a narrow road) in the morning with cars driving round and round looking for a space. Cars park across many of the dropped curbs. Also as mentioned previously the road is filthy.

  2. I personally would object to permit parking on Oakdale Road. I don’t find it difficult to find a parking spot and as we are a two car household it would be detrimental to us. I believe the issue is during the day due to office workers in Weybridge using the road to park so I can understand why some would find it frustrating. We are both out all day during the week. Perhaps it would be preferable to look at long term parking solutions for people who come to work in Weybridge rather than charging those that live here to park outside their own homes.

  3. I fully support the introduction of a residents parking scheme in Oakdale Road. I have also recently canvassed opinion from all the residents living in the road which confirms the strength of feeling for such a scheme as the majority who replied are in favour. Our road has become the first choice of visitors and workers to Weybridge looking for free parking. This not only restricts parking for residents, but many vehicles are parked dangerously causing inconvenience for families with young children. I have also noted that adjacent roads with a residents parking scheme in place, opt to park their second car in our road to avoid paying for additional permits. A number of valid questions have been raised by those residents in favour, which will need to be addressed as part of the consultation.

  4. Our house is number 4 Oakdale Road. I would FULLY SUPPORT the introduction of a resident parking scheme for Oakdale.

    Our house is on Oakdale, and between the junction of Elmgrove and The Crescent. Not only are we unable to park in any proximity to our property, but the congestion caused by non residents looking for free parking makes the road extremely dangerous for families with young children. It my view, unrestricted parking on Oakdale road is dangerous.

    Please please listen to the majority of residents in Oakdale Road and apply comment sense and basic safety and make the road resident parking.

    Kind Regards

    Ian Reakes, 4 Oakdale Road, Weybridge

  5. Hello Andrew, We have been lucky enough to live at 24 Oakdale Road for 16 years and have always enjoyed the freedom of parking in our road without the restriction and cost of permits. We would feel let down by the council if permit parking were to be introduced as in those 16 years we have never had a problem parking in the road. I would like to ask why parking for employees in Weybridge hasn’t been addressed as this would make far more sense than upsetting long term residents. I am happy for you to come and discuss these issues.

  6. I am also fully behind residents parking in Oakdale road – My name is Colin Selby and I live at number 7. Since neighbouring roads have now got residents or restricted parking (and soon to be more streets), the problem surrounding parking has become untenable. Add to this the fact that the postal delivery office and Waitrose have many part-timers coming and going all day during the working week (including Saturdays) so inevitably Oakdale road has now become the road of choice for those and most other non residents working in Weybridge. I’d also like to add that since the scheme for residents parking was introduced on surrounding streets we’ve noticed an increase in long term parking from neighbours on Elmgrove and Holstein – in that I mean the owners of cars from these streets park their second car for free on Oakdale so as to not pay for second charge – great! It may be so that certain people were against the scheme a year ago but we now have conclusive evidence that thoughts have changed considerably. Andrew, it’s time to act for the community as it’s clear that Surrey will do nothing to solve the parking problems for people coming to Weybridge to shop or work. There is a petition being sent to Rikki Hill proving a majority. Please come round any time to discuss.

  7. I would fully support the move to introduce residents parking for Oakdale Road. It has become increasingly difficult to find a parking space during the day since the introduction of parking restrictions in neighbouring roads.

  8. Would fully support a switch to residents parking. In addition to the lack of parking during the day I have noticed that the amount of litter in the gutter has increased quite significantly. I’m sure it’s not residents of Oakdale Rd doing it.

  9. Would certainly strongly support this because it’s become very difficult to park on the road during business hours, especially since neighbouring roads recently adopted residents parking schemes.

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