Old Avenue

20 December.  Surrey decides to implement parking restrictions as advertised – see below.

13 December.  At the quarterly police meeting concerns were raised about the dangers of vans and lorries parked up waiting to enter St Georges Hill Estate.  There is a large amount of construction going on in the estate at the moment and coupled with the estates curfew on commercial vehicles entering the estate many are parked up on neighbouring streets.  As quickly as the police move them on they park in another street.  A wide areas is affected – not just Old Avenue and Brooklands Road.

Vans parked smallThere proposals to limit parking in Old Avenue – they are due to be installed next year.  The maps below outline the details.

Old Avenue north Old Avenue southThe key applies to both maps.

There are also plans to have holding stations for vans and lorries in Whiteley and in Brooklands. A big price to pay for a set of private gated streets covering a fifth of Weybridge.

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