Pine Grove

1 November 2014.  Subject to consultation, Surrey intends to install “no waiting at any time” parking restrictions in the spring.  The consultation ends on Friday, 28 November 2014.  Give your comments here.  For further information click here.

The continuous red line means no waiting at any time, brown means as existing.

Pine Grove

3 October 2013 – proposed parking restriction changes.  Surrey proposes the following change: extend the double yellow lines from the junction with Hanger Hill on both sides to in line with the boundary of 35 and 37 Pine Grove to improve vehicle access/egress. Red line means “no parking at any time” and brown lines are current restrictions.

Pine Grove 2013


20 December 2012.  Surrey decides to implement its parking restrictions as advertised except that there will be a reduced length of double yellow lines on the north side outside #s12-20.  See September below.

Pine Grove west

Junction with Hanger Hill.Pine Grove northJunction with Windsor Walk

Pine Grove south  Pine Grove eastJunction with Princes Road

2 thoughts on “Pine Grove

  1. Where are residents in Southwood Court supposed to park? Please advise as a tenant I am very concerned at having to walk in the dark to my car. We have six parking spaces and around 20 cars.

  2. The parked cars on Pine Grove Road helped slow the traffic, people rush down these roads during the week to avoid congestion on queens road; making this street a no parking zone will definitely add to the “rat run”!

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