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1 November 2014.  At the request of some residents and subject to consultation, Surrey intends to install “no waiting at any time” parking restrictions in the spring.  The consultation ends on Friday, 28 November 2014.  Give your comments here.  For further information click here.

The continuous red line means no waiting at any time and the brown means as existing.


Portmore North

Portmore South

23 February 2014. Surrey has received requests for Portmore Park Road to have more “at any time” restrictions.  The most minor suggestion is for “at any time” restrictions near the most congested traffic refuge, another to ask for restrictions at all refuges and the maximum request is for the “at any time” restriction to be along the whole street – even if only on one side.

This problem is caused by Surrey’s insistence on keeping Portmore Park Road as part of the county strategic highway network whereas it should be treated as a residential street.  It should be blocked at an appropriate place (near or at the junction with Oakdale Road) and all the refuges should be removed along with the white lines.  It would help if Surrey finally got around to painting 20mph limits on the street.

3 October 2013 – proposed parking restriction changes.  Surrey proposes the following change: introduce double yellow lines on the junction with Darnley Park and Mount Pleasant to improve sightlines and vehicle access/egress. Red line means “no parking at any time”.

Portmore Park Road 2013

20 December 2012.  Surrey decides to implement the parking proposals as advertised – see below.

27 September.  Weybridge North councillors and the Surrey parking officer met to discuss the results of the latest parking proposals in the ward.  Ramon Gray and I agreed that the advertised proposals for the corner “at any time” restrictions with Portmore Way be imposed and that the “working day” restrictions with “Wey Road” be extending to “at any time”.  No other restrictions were considered necessary for 2013.

3 thoughts on “Portmore Park Road

  1. We need double yellow lines on both sides of PPR by the Church and primary school. There is a complete and dangerous bottleneck between the Church and the alley way to the health centre. You cannot believe how a serious accident has not occurred yet !

  2. For safety and visibility reasons the No Parking restrictions at these junctions are to be welcomed.

  3. I live in Chaddesley – flats at the Addlestone end of Portmore Park Road & wanted to bring to your attention the fact that cars are parked ALL DAY to the left of our access which makes leaving the premises extremely difficult as it is impossible to see if any cars are coming – I presume these cars belong to people who work in the town but a yellow line should be painted along this area as it really is not only dangerous but causes real traffic jams as it is impossiblt for two cars to pass at any one time.

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