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1 November 2014.  At the request of some residents subject to consultation, Surrey intends to install “no waiting at any time” parking restrictions in the spring.  The consultation ends on Friday, 28 November 2014.  Give your comments here.  For further information click here.

The continuous red line means no waiting at any time and the brown line means as existing.


23 February 2014. Surrey has received requests for Thames Street to have more “at any time” restrictions – near the Minnow, the junction with Portmore Park Road and near Palace Road.

10 February 2014 – Flooding.  Thames rises to its maximum level.  Flooding the tow path and reaching Thames Street itself.

Thames Corner-01 small







3 October 2013 – proposed parking restriction changes.  Surrey proposes the following change: Introduce double yellow lines on the western side from in line with boundary of 47 and 51 Thames Street to the junction with Beales Lane to improve sightlines for pedestrians. Red line means “no parking at any time” and brown lines are current restrictions.

Thames Street 2013 51

Introduce double yellow lines at the junction with Montrose Walk also to introduce double yellow lines from the junction with Grotto Street to improve sightlines and vehicle access/egress. Introduce double yellow lines in front of numbers 21-33 Thames Street to improve traffic flow through pinch point. Red line means “no parking at any time” and brown lines are current restrictions.

Thames Street 2013 31

Introduce double yellow lines on the junction with Old Palace Road to improve vehicle access.

Old Palace Road 2013

20 December 2012.  Surrey decides to implement its parking restrictions as advertised – see entry on 27 September below.

14 December 2012.  The 7.5t weight limit signs at Monument Green might be sufficient for statuary requirements but they are hard to see.

Thames Street End small

12 November.  Clearly Surrey believe that roads users do not know the Highway Code.  The sign on top means “Give way to oncoming traffic” so they repeat it below.

On coming Thames Street small A close up below.On coming Thames Street close up

27 September 2012.  Weybridge North councillors and the Surrey parking officer met to discuss the results of the latest parking proposals in the ward.  Ramon Gray and I agreed with the advertised proposals but they needed to be watched carefully during the year.

The red lines represent the new “at any time” restrictions.

Other restrictions, especially the junction with Grotto Road, were considered necessary for 2013.

5 thoughts on “Thames Street

  1. Is anything in hand to complete the placing of double lines at the Pinchpoint at the lower end of Thames Street, as each time I pass that spot somebody is parked in the gap left un-painted. This of course renders the whole exercise a waste of time by still causing an obstruction.

  2. Many thanks for your latest email. I read with delight that amongst the forthcoming new parking restrictions, at long last the poor old motorist is going to negotiate with safety through the Pinchpoint at the lower end of Thames Street , for too long it has been a hazard for most decent drivers.
    PS .When are we going to paint 20 mph along Thames Street, I have some spare white paint. ?

  3. Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for voicemail this morning re Thames Street.

    More yellow lines! I live at 57 and with the proposed lines at start of Grotto Road more pressure will be put on where I live because all school park there (Grotto Road) so more pressure at my end. It is a nightmare to park because of the school – the lines they put earlier this year deprives us of three possible spaces. Why don’t the bureaucrats there think about the residents who are paying their wages. Please we need some residents only spaces outside 57 THAMES ST. Surely that is possible. For example I notice in New Zealand Ave they have put residents parking- yet when you drive past it is full of empty spaces which could have been used by visitors like me. Did they not assess the need first before putting in residents where not needed – we do need.

  4. I would like to add one further comment. St.Georges seem to police the area near the school during term times will small cones – this seems to work effectively. However, if any yellow lines were needed, from my observations, I would say they were needed on the stretch of road between Clinton Close and the school, opposite the houses in Thames Street. It has become a practice by one of two people during term time to park on the road near Clinton Close outside what is termed on the map as 78 Thames Street and slightly up toward the school.

  5. As far as those on the corner of Jessamy Road I must comment that I presume they yellow lines would not be extended further than the white hatched lines that are there already. As I said in previous email regarding refuse collection (which seems, by discussion, to have been rectified) the residents of Jessamy are being penalised for a situation that is not of their making. The problems only arise during school hours and more importantly whole is going to police it? After the expense of putting down yellow lines we will need to employ another parking warden to patrol the area and issue tickets. A compromise would be yellow lines with a notice that they only apply during school hours or from 0700 – 1800.

    I believe this situation may be being pushed by a newly elected councillor (SCC or Elmbridge) who lives on Whittets Ait and complains of the parking on the corner when he drives from his accommodation up Jessamy Road to Thames Street. It would be a better se of his position if he were to campaign for the road to be resurfaced which it hasn’t been for the 51 years I have lived here.

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