Traffic Count Locations

If you want to check how many vehicles travel along a main road near you then click here.  Zoom in on the map.  You might be surprised.  The figures go back to 2000.  The M25 is around 150,000 vehicles a day, the A3 65,000, Byfleet Road 24,000 and Monument Hill 18,000.

One thought on “Traffic

  1. As a new resident of Weybridge and coming from another country, the biggest problem I see with traffic in Weybridge is the congestion caused on numberous busy streets from cars being parked on the sides of the roads rather than parking in designated parking lots. The traffic is forced to squeeze and be congested and slow down on the curve on Heath road leaving the high street and heading to the train station. It is also a problem in front and near to the Queens Head pub and along the high street near the Majestic wine store. This congestion from narrow lanes tends to slow traffic and cause a big backlog during rush hour when it could flow freely and quickly if no cars were parked on the streets. Marking those streets as “no parking” areas would make a big difference as those are often two important areas in moving traffic in and out of Weybridge. I have lived in many parts of the world and have never lived where motorists were allowed to park on busy roads making traffic slow and dangerous as I have seen in Weybridge.

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