Vegetation Obstructing the Highway



Many parts of Weybridge the footway is significantly blocked by overgrown bushes from private property.

Sometimes over half the path is covered.  It causes greater obstruction when the bush is prickly to the touch – like a holly bush.


It is unlawful for a property owner to cause obstruction of the highway by failing to cut their hedges.  Specifically bushes may not pass into a footway for the first 2.3 metres.

It is the duty of the highway authority (in Elmbridge that is Surrey) to notify property owners of their responsibility and to enforce action.  Surrey may cut back the offending bushes itself and charge the costs of so doing including an administration charge to the property owner.

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One thought on “Vegetation Obstructing the Highway

  1. I suggest that the Highway Authority make a visit to Elmgrove road in Weybridge. there are two properties in particular where the first 2/3ft of pavement is unuseable due to established overhanging bushes.
    Also the lack of maintenance of the trees in our roads is disgraceful. The failure to cut back rooting branches from the base of the trees, even when the streets are supposedly cleaned, is very evident and can cause damage. The deformation of the pavements is also completely ignored, some of which are so serious, I am amazed there has not been an incident. I fear the inevitability of this especially for elderly residents.

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