School Parking

There are two schools in the ward: St Charles and St Georges Primary schools.  St James is just outside the ward but Grotto Road, from which it gains access, is within the ward.

As both St Charles and St Georges are selective: St Charles being a catholic school; and, St Georges being private, they tend to have a larger catchment area than is usual for a primary school.  Notwithstanding that children, all else being equal, who arrive by car rather than on foot are more likely to make slower progress at school the larger catchment area increases the likelyhood that children will arrive by car.  Depending on the location this can have a deleterious effect on the local residents.

Although I recieve a few complaints regarding the parents parking around St Charles and St James – it is St Georges that causes the most concern locally.

4 thoughts on “School Parking

  1. I agree with Morgan, when exiting Grotto Road and turning right onto Thames Street one is unable to see traffic coming from the right due to parked cars on both sides of the road and on the corners (outside where the Crest offices used to be and by the corner shop). This is extremely dangerous and is ‘an accident waiting to happen’! Yellow lines are desperately needed here! In addition there should be bollards on the exceptionally large pavement opposite the St James School entrance to prevent cars (4×4’s in particular) from crossing and parking up on the pavement. My daughters were nearly run over there only last week!!

  2. My longterm view is that the Junior school should be located at the main senior school at Woburn Hill. There is certainly all the right facilities/space on that site. The Thames St site could then be sold off for housing. Everyone will profit from this.

    Right now, I think the borough should be sending out, on a regular basis, at the beginning of each term, traffic wardens – during peak times, to issue parking tickets to parents when they park/obstruct residents drives. Nothing else works. Once it gets round that lazy parents are being fined – less problems will occur.

    Defining/redefining with white lines – all residents drives, will also help. Bigger speed bumps would deter fast driving. The current ones have little effect.

    Closing off the Thames Street enterence is another long term solution. Entry would be from Walton Lane, art the bottom of the playing field, with its own dedicated entrance. Of course St Georges want to pay out as little as possible, as it has shown – in the past. Residents deserve better…

  3. St Georges needs to be allowed to build its own dedicated parking. Something which apparently the council and local residents have opposed in the past. It is the largest primary school in the local area and has parents commuting in from a wide range of areas. There is very little space to park on the surrounding roads. The result is that parents are forced to park wherever they can.

  4. I think that the junction of Grotto Road and Thames Street should have double yellow lines on both sides.

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