St Georges Parking

Many burghers have raised concerns over the parking at drop-off and collection times at St Georges Primary school.  Some have even suggested that St Georges Primary school be moved to the secondary school site in Addlestone.

Both the local police and the parking wardens have visited a number of times this year and new parking restrictions are being added to Thames Street.

The soon to be implimented 2012 restrictions will not be enough in my view and the following restrictions will need to be added next year.  Remember, any proposal can be reduce later but cannot be increased – so it is better to propose a wide scheme that is reduced than to propose a narrow scheme which cannot be increased.

On the map below brown is the current restriction, the red the proposed “no waiting at any time” restriction coming into force shortly and the yellow respresents “no waiting 8:30 – 9:30”.  What are your views?

On the map below brown is the current restriction, the yellow represents the proposed  “no waiting 8:30 – 9:30” for 2013 and  the red the proposed “no waiting at any time” restriction for 2013. What are your views.

3 thoughts on “St Georges Parking

  1. Definitely like your proposals Andrew, especially the Grotto Road junction with Thames Street which is a death-trap at school rush hour.

  2. Definitely a step in the right direction – but will it be properly and efficiently policed? It will quickly be ignored if parents think that there is no comeback to their ‘But I’m only going to be a few minutes!’ flouting of the rules.

    • The evidence that as parking becomes part of the Weybridge controlled parking area the enforcement rules change (the police only have powers to deal with physical obstruction whereas the parking officers can give a ticket to anyone parking in the wrong place) and the enforcement rises from patchy at best up to a daily and comprehensive enforcement.

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