Street Tree Planting

A number of you have commented on the way that trees appear to be disappearing from our streets.

In the past when a tree had to be cut down it was replaced.  However, this is no longer the case.  Surrey as our highway authority is entitled to plant trees but has no duty in this respect and since 2004 it has decided that it will no longer do so.  Probably because there is not enough money left over after filling in pot-holes. Yet Hampshire manages to plant and replace trees.

A planting pit is an aperture approximately (900mm x 900mm) in the wearing surface of a pedestrian path. It  requires load bearing edges to support the weight of path sweeping equipment and normal abuse by vehicles parking. The content of the pit is of sufficient size and material composition to sustain the best possible growth during tree establishment, until roots penetrate the pit sides into the surrounding ground.

If members of a street wish to plant a tree the cost to supply and plant is around £285 per tree plus VAT, and does not include provision for watering or establishment care, as the purchaser is responsible for nurturing the tree as it establishes in response to local circumstances.

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