Vicki Macleod for Weybridge in the Surrey Elections 4th May 2017

On Thursday 4th May, you have a  chance to elect a new councillor to represent Weybridge on Surrey County Council.

Your local Liberal Democrat candidate is long term Weybridge resident Vicki Macleod.

You may know Vicki from her work in our local community, perhaps from her five years chairing the Friends of The Weybridge Centre charity. or as a school governor.

Vicki‘s priority is to give Weybridge a stronger voice for better delivery of the services local people need, including:

  • Better maintained and safer local roads and pavements
  • Local school places for Weybridge children
  • Responsible budget management by Surrey County Council

Many people see Surrey County Council as remote and inefficient with its history of mismanagement. Vicki will work with other councillors to put pressure on the administration for more effective financial management and for budgets that reflect local needs.  Her longer term aim is to see some of the services currently run by Surrey brought into local Elmbridge control.



Highway Grass verges

Grass Verges

Following another Surrey funding crisis.  Surrey has proposed reducing the number of cuts each year from the present  ten  a year down to seven a year.  Elmbridge provides this service on behalf of Surrey and the cabinet had to decide between the following options.

  1. Carry out reduced level of cutting to the revised Surrey client specification (within the level of funding offered by Surrey);
  2. Maintain the existing frequency (which would incur an additional cost to the borough of £3,597 a year for the remainder of the contract, in addition to the funding provided by Surrey);
  3. Increase the frequency to twelve (which would require a growth item in the highway verges budget of £28,534 a year for the remainder of the contract); or
  4. Hand back to Surrey.

The cabinet discussed the four options in respect of the Surreyservices and mindful of the current budget position, agreed that option 2 above should be supported. It was noted that this option would incur an additional cost to the borough of £3,597 a year for the remainder of the contract.

The new administration has still to contend with the appalling state of the grass cutting contract inherited from the previous administration.

Thames Byfleet Cycleway

Heath RoadThe Liberal Democrats along with its allies in the new coalition administration agreed in cabinet today to proceed with studies to facilitate a path/cycleway alongside the Heath from the station to Brooklands Lane.  This land is held in common and is therefore heavily protected so any proposal with have to be very sensitive to the green space.

Campaigners have been seeking such a development for over two decades and there is still more work to come.

You can check the details here.

Heath Road Path

Heath RoadSurrey has agreed to spend £160,000 over two years to improve safety and amenity around and approaching Weybridge Station from the town.  In some respects it has been overtaken by the new cycling plan for Weybridge (the initial station plan – remarkably – did not consider cycling).

This project is essentially a bare minimum approach to the problem given that Surrey raises insufficient funds to provide a transport network fit for one of Europe’s most dynamic locations.

The project is subject to consultation – and it needs to be because there is quite a lot wrong with it.  The main parts are:

  • Improving the unmade path on the southern side of Heath Road – this has been superseded by the current plan to make this part of the station town centre cycleway.
  • Improving the car parking opposite the Korean Church.  I am not sure that this is a good idea because it is part of the common and therefore should be removed and not upgraded. That would save £20,000.
  • Creating a one-way system for Old Heath Road.
  • Improving pedestrian crossing on Heath Road and Station Approach.
  • Resurfacing the carriageway across Diggers Bridge.

As it passes through the system I will give more details.  I’ll obviously notify you of any consultation.

Rat-run survey

Rat-runs might not concern you or they could be the bane of your life let us know your views.  At this point I’d better say what a rat-run is (someone asked me so I should not assume that the term is generally understood).  Indeed, when I was a child we called them duck-shoves – a street used by the irresponsible.

Thames Street Tight SmallA rat-run or duck-shove is a street, or series of streets, that people use to avoid travelling along a main road.  They become heavily trafficked at peak times because the main road is slow or blocked completely. Rut-runs used to be the preserve of locals but with modern dynamic satnavs outsiders can be guided done any streets that is available. Rat-runs will become more widespread and more trafficked as time passes.

If you want to give your views on rat-running click here.

The map below shows main roads in black, major rat-runs in red, minor rat-runs in orange ant no through streets in green.  Fortunately, most us live on green streets but consider those people who live or walk down those red and orange streets..

Parking in Weybridge

Double-yellow-lines-on-a-road-and-pavement-curb-2101582Do you have views on parking in Weybridge?  Anything from obstruction on the main roads, lack of spaces at the station, cost of permits, dangerous parking on corners.  I want to hear your views.  Do give me your views in this survey now.

Surrey is about to review parking arrangements in Weybridge and it plans to only do this once every four to five years.  Our chance for any change, if any, comes now – let’s take it.

I am on the Surrey committee that decides on any changes so I want to hear your views and help engender a debate because I know that views differ from person to person and we need a solution that has most people’s support and understanding.

Surrey has created its own survey.  If you complete the last question – relating to specific concerns please copy me in (by copy and pasting your response into an email to andrew @  Surrey’s questions are quite ‘broad brush’ questions their survey needs to be in by 17 January 2016.