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The planned Active Travel Measures in Baker Street have now “gone live”.  You can read all about the background in the earlier article by Councillor Andrew Davis here.
Surrey County Council closed Baker Street to through traffic (except cycles) from 8am on Friday 16th October.  Don’t forget that Comments can be sent to Surrey County Council via email or by phone on 0300 200 1003. And of course you are always welcome to comment on this website using the “Leave a Reply” section at the bottom of the page.

22 thoughts on “Changes to Baker Street

  1. Wait until you need emergency services that are blocked from congestion in the High Street. Baker Street was designed for a purpose so that emergency services can reach all parts of the roadIf there was congestion elsewhere. When it’s your children ambulance or the fireman can’t reach because of a perfect storm of congestion elsewhere Perhaps you will think again…

  2. As a Baker Street resident, I think the changes are fantastic. The road is now a pleasant and safe place to live and walk with my two little children, and the pollution levels are noticeably lower too. I also don’t believe it has made any difference to the traffic on the High Street. If anything hopefully the flow has improved as less cars will be trying to turn out onto the High Street/Monument Hill at either end of Baker Street. It was such a dangerous cut through before with people whizzing down Baker Street, I honestly don’t know how more people/dogs/cyclists haven’t been seriously injured.

    I would love to see it as a permanent fixture, perhaps even move the barriers further down to where the car park is behind WHSmiths and make the bottom end of Baker Street pedestrianised.

  3. As a Baker St resident I am delighted with the change which has improved the safety and pollution aspects hugely. We no longer have cars mounting pavements or motorists having angry standoffs as was the case before and the speed at which cars travel up and down the street ha been drastically reduced.
    It has undoubtably improved pedestrian safety which has to a major factor as this is a route to and from school for so many children.
    As for moving the barrier further down, I feel this could be a further improvement but consideration should be given to the shops and businesses which are such an important part of weybridge. Perhaps the car park on Baker Street could have 1 hour free parking which might encourage people to use this and then walk to the cafes and shops?
    It is difficult to say how the change has impacted traffic flow in other nearby streets because they have tended to be pretty snarled up at peak times anyway.
    A 20 mph limit on surrounding roads might further improve the traffic flow and safety of pedestrians and cyclists as it has in so many areas of London and other towns.

  4. As a resident of Springfield Meadows I agree with most of the comments. The rat run now non existent has the bonus of a huge reduction in noise from Baker Street. However, it’s too early to say anything about the town’s traffic congestion as it is ‘Half Term’ and there is significantly less traffic anyway. Before the work was carried out I wrote to the council asking if the barriers should be relocated to the other side of Springfield Meadows and the answer was it would be kept under review. The whole idea is to assist cyclists and pedestrians – where are all these cyclists? I’ve seen one! Pedestrians should still take great care as frustrated drivers, ignoring the signs, continue to zoom up and down each end of the street. As for closing the bottom of Baker Street to all traffic – please bear in mind access for Bentley Court and Parkside flats, and the car park behind WH Smiths.

  5. Such a great improvement – no more road rage (although it kept us amused) and the air quality has improved. I’d love to see this a permanent feature.

  6. After moving to Hillcrest in 1984 I pleaded with a string of councillors over many years to do something about the Rat Run in Baker Street. Many promises, zero action.

    A reposition of the barrier further down the road could create a pedestrian area which the shops may prefer. Please make sure this will become permanent to ensure the safety of pedestrians crossing Baker Street. I consider myself fortunate to have survived a number of near misses over the years.

  7. What’s not to like? No increase in traffic along the High Street. In fact, having fewer rat-runners pushing their way out of Baker Street (both ends) has probably smoothed traffic flows. It would be great to test if pedestrianising the bottom of Baker St would work – maybe move the barrier down to the tapas restaurant and close the bottom of Baker St at weekends, allowing restaurants and cafes to put tables in the road, or allow market stalls? It might help make Weybridge a destination again!

  8. I cycled down Baker Street from Monument Hill this week. On a sample of one, I could see no change in traffic density on either side of the barrier. Just as many people driving up and down looking for somewhere to park. A proper pedestrianised section would be great.

  9. I support a scheme to stop the Baker St rat run, but due to the location of the barrier – too high up the street – I have not visited Baker St shops since the introduction of the new measures.

    Might it help to make Baker St one way, down, but with some traffic calming?

  10. The congestion has eased considerably at the bottom of Baler Street now and cars no longer drive at unsafe speeds, so I think it has been a success.
    As a resident of Hillcrest, the noise pollution has also dropped significantly, even if this is to be reopened in the future, there should be a solution to stop the speeding in a residential area.

  11. This initiative is an excellent one. Gone are the constant hooting and altercations between cars meeting from opposite directions.
    Gone is the mounting of the pavement by cars not willing to slow down or give way to oncoming traffic.
    Gone is the noise and pollution.
    The traffic to the high street I dont believe is adversely affected as the Baker Street rat run used to add pressure points to high street traffic as cars attempt to exit Baker Street Or enter. Removing these pressure points has caused high street traffic to flow more smoother.
    A layout change at the top of Baker Street would benefit as exiting Baker Street by residents is rather difficult because of the blind bend to the right of the exit.
    Speed restrictions on monument hill would help smooth traffic flow I into the high street.
    Please make the Baker Street initiative a permanent one. It’s now a joy to walk down the road safely.

  12. I thought the idea was to allow cafes to use the road i.e. with covers? It would be great to give Weybridge residents an outside place to socialise during this tough winter. I don’t see any sign of this yet. Did I get it wrong?

  13. I cross baker st regularly on foot and with my bocycle. It is so much easier now . Especially with my 2yo in tow.

    I dont believe it can have had any real impact on ibcreasing the load on other roads. .

    The main issue has always been vehicle speed with people believing baker street will somehow magically save them time or mileage. It just doesnt and cant.

    Good one Elmbridge Council. I think the trial should be extended to full pedestrianisation

  14. This is an excellent initiative though better signage should have been at each end to advise motorists. Crossing Baker St especially between Springfield lane to Springfield road to get to Churchfields Rec can be terrifying given the excessive speed of cars down Baker St and cars going up out in the middle of the road.
    As a regular runner and dog Walker I have flinched many times, motioned to cars to slow down and seen pets mown down so I think this is a great experiment, maybe residents feel differently.

    I’d like to see a 10 or 20mph introduced from the top of monument hill through to hsbc and the removal of the crossing points so traffic flows safely and slowly through town.

  15. I live in Hillcrest, off Baker Street.

    I am very pleased about the barrier because it has stopped through traffic using Baker Street as a rat run. Pollution and noise levels are noticeably reduced and reduced traffic has increased safety for pedestrians.

    I would welcome a permanent barrier.

  16. It has made Baker Street so much nice to walk along without traffic speeding up and down.
    I do think it would make it more pedestrianised if the shops end was shut instead.

  17. I understand what you are trying to do and I do not have any solutions but I now do not go down Baker St to park and shop before leaving Weybridge for other reasons, and therefore I have not browsed the shops.. the shops will lose out.

  18. The closure of Baker Street will definitely lead to more congestion and pollution in the High Street.

  19. Although I can see advantages for this, unfortunately this is causing more congestion in Oatlands Drive, Monument Hill, Queens Road and Hanger Hill as well as Weybridge High Street, and surrounding roads. This is causing more pollution for the residents in those roads. Much prefer to have Baker Street as a through road.

  20. Love the improvement to Baker Street by preventing this rat run. I don’t think closing the street has impacted the town traffic

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