Town Path Local Inquiry

You will have noticed that the upgrading of the paths around Churchfields was completed in May. Not only were these busy paths widened to 3 metres wherever possible to make them safer for all users but the proposals put forward by Cllr Ashley Tilling (for lighting to be installed on the path between the playground and the allotments, to move the fences to provide a much safer s-bend next to the skate park, and for the route into town through the car park to be made good) were all agreed and implemented.

However, a Local Inquiry is to be held at 1000 on the 7th September (venue to be decided) to determine whether the paths should be shared for both cyclists and pedestrians. Written representations should be made by 10th August to, using the same address to register intentions to attend the inquiry.

To download the details of the Inquiry click on this link: Pre Inquiry noteDPIQ36302110 PIM Note 21 07 21

2 thoughts on “Town Path Local Inquiry

  1. A lot of very worthwhile physical changes have been made to the paths to make them safer and more comfortable for shared-use. The Weybridge Society has been researching how to encourage safe behaviour on the paths so that all users feel comfortable using them. This includes proposing a code of conduct, which will go up on a sign near the cross-path intersection and a ‘Share with Care’ campaign, working with schools and any other interested groups. Work on all this is ongoing, but if you would like to get involved, email
    Here is the code of conduct:
    -Be considerate of other path users
    -Keep left – overtake on right
    -Be alert and make space for others to pass
    -Go slowly if on wheels, especially when passing
    -Warn of your approach with a friendly call
    -Keep dogs under close control
    -Use litter bins or take waste home

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